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Our MULTIPLASTURGY® Concept positions us as a major player in innovation and R & D in high profile sectors such as aeronautics, health, medical, automotive, energy, sports and leisure. Our technological added value perfectly matches the needs and expectations of companies looking to get a head start. 


Leading sectors, growth, innovation, internationalization, aeronautics, aerospace and defence perfectly match the Group's requirements, skills and know-how. We support our clients in their development and the preparation of tomorrows' challenges. Our Research & Development teams are available to answer to their technological and strategic issues. 

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The automobile continues to evolve, to invest in new areas around mobility, embedded electronics, autonomy, new modes of propulsion. One of the keys to the evolution of today and tomorrow’s vehicles is the lightening of parts, which must never be accomplished at the expense of safety and must be accompanied by a perfect design. Our Group has the solutions to face this triple challenge.

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Health is a major focus of modern society. Better living, living loger, improving treatment for diseases, there are huge opportunities for companies in the medical sector. From personalized medicine to the most dynamic areas of research such as microfluidics. Material processing is essential in the manufacture of parts for the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturers of medical devices, laboratory equipment... 

Our Group is able to provide critical innovation support through its solutions around nano polymers, biocompatible polymers, prosthetic parts, syringes and more.

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Energy efficiency is needed in many areas, starting from the building sector. It is about finding the right energy responses, protecting the environment, saving the planet, while providing people with ideal living and accommodation conditions. Our Group is able to offer solutions for the mobility and housing of tomorrow to accompany the new energy and environmental situation. 

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The consumer is much better informed, they are demanding and concerned. They want the best, they compare, they search, they are involved, they are on the lookout of solutions that take into account political, social and environmental issues. This is even truer in sectors such as cosmetics, sports and leisure, luggage, high value and image conscious products. Our Group brings technological innovations that enable industry professionals to create and develop their new products.

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