When intelligence integrates high performance plastic

Smart Plastic Products, also known as plastronics, live in a marriage between plastics and electronics.

Smart Plastic Products enable the integration of electronic elements into the actual process of creating the plastic object to provide "intelligence" by integrating 3D conductive tracks, antennas, sensors and component placement. The Plastics processing industry provides free design support, mechanical protection and heat dissipation.

Information processing sensors, the Internet of Things, are at the heart of this new technology.

It is particularly suitable for antennas, sensor connectors, LED lighting, wave absorption ...

New design, new properties, all creativity is possible with Smart Plastic Products.

Smart Plastic Products are full of many different factors:

  • The miniaturization of electronic systems that reduces the cost by weight reduction
  • Total freedom and flexibility in design to create aesthetic and functional parts.
  • An increase in the performance of any part through the integration of new features
  • A complete integration of multiple functions for finesse of all shapes and robustness of systems
  • Simplified assembly thanks to the direct integration in the composite of the electronic function and a saving of materials

It is the group's expert pole for microwave and electromagnetic compatibility materials.


Our productive devices:

  • Production unit for EMC and absorbent products
  • Anechoic chamber for characterization
  • Network analyzer

Our expertise

  • Conductive Polymer Injection Metallic Loads
  • Selective metallization 3D MID Molded Interconnect Device
  • Absorbent study and manufacturing Hyperfrequency Alkard® range
  • P10 foam manufacturing and impregnation MPU Foam P10 and MPU


  • The study and characterization of microwave shielding products,
  • The characterization of finished products.
  • Injection of conductive polymers
  • EMC metallization
  • 3D selective metallization
  • Conductive painting
  • The manufacture and shaping of absorbent materials
  • P10 ™ foam manufacturing
  • MPU® impregnation

Main markets

  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Transport
Integration of a capacitive film to functionalize a 3D plastic part decorated by IMD (In Mold decoration), integration of touchpad or button on the surface of the piece in one piece.


  • Microwave Studies Office,
  • Low pressure or vacuum molding,
  • Anechoic chamber;
  • Means of test and dielectric qualification.
  • Climatic chamber

Products and materials

All machined, molded, overmoulded, injected, plank, round or tube products on demand:

  • Absorbent materials: We have a range of products under the brand ALKARD® based on epoxy resins or polyurethane or silicone allowing absorption in the 1Ghz-20 GHz range.
  • Transparent materials: P10 ™ foam
  • Metal protection shielding
  • DEDIENNE Coating® surface treatment means make it possible to metallize by coating or painting machined, injected or formed plastic parts.

DEDIENNE Coating® surface treatment means make it possible to metallize by coating or painting machined, injected or formed plastic parts.