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Innovation, our vital force

Dedienne MULTIPLASTURGY® group allows all your complex projects, parts and components, to become a reality.

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Our mission - Creating Value

Our mission Creating Value

We simplify and realise your projects in plastics and composites, especially the most complex.
We promote energy savings by reducing mechanisms, replacing metal with high-performance plastic and composite materials.

Research & Development - Exploring unknown territories

Research & Development Exploring unknown territories

The research and development management aims to enable our Group to continually adapt and create technologies and materials to meet today and tomorrow's market needs.

Our concept Dedienne Multiplasturgy®

A single window for 10 sectors of expertise, covering areas ranging from precision machining, Mono/micro and bi-material injection, thermoforming, composite and bio-composite processing, surface treatment, decoration and assembly, up to 3D printing and Smart Plastic Products.

Our concept - Dedienne Multiplasturgy®

Growing Together Build the future together, join our team

We are constantly managing new projects thanks to our customers and team creativity. We work in an international environment that is both relaxed and dynamic due to the constant transformation spirit of our employees who are committed to developing a culture of continual learning, collaboration, project-focused and experimentation. So, let’s build our future together, join our team!

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Our International Strategy

Dedienne MULTIPLASTURGY® Group is present in 2 continents, with a sustained international development. The Group offers its expertise through its commercial organizations, industrial sites, research centres and customers. Our seven business units are located in France, Romania and United States with sales offices in Germany, in Israel and the UK.